Reducing our impact

Rymill is committed to sustainability in a changing climate, and an investigation of innovative, low impact techniques in winemaking. By embracing our environment and caring for healthy vines, our vineyard allows us to capture great flavours in our wines.

Through a strict audit policy with Freshcare, Rymill has achieved certified sustainable EntWine status in both our vineyard and winery.

In 2019 Rymill launched Waste Not, Want Not, and Less is More; two wines crafted specifcally to investigate what can be done in the winery and vineyard to reduce waste, and decrease impact on the environment.

Rymill Coonawarra’s vineyards host a healthy and diverse ecosystem by promoting biodiversity in plants and animals. Quality grapes are our primary objective, and they come from happy and healthy vines which grow amid a plethora of grasses and medics, bugs, beetles, spiders and birds.

We encourage this diversity by practices such as the application of natural fertilizers and grazing sheep on weeds/grass in the vineyards to minimize herbicide usage. Integrated pest management ensures the balance of nature is disrupted as little as possible.

In the coming vintages Rymill is reducing the weight of glass that is used to package wines, reducing transport emissions.



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